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Hi! The name's PachiiMochii, a guy who runs a small but fun youtube channel, featuring my cat OC, Patchblob! In addition, my work is home to Patchblob, his brother Tesseline and sibling Alkahest! I love games and anime! Hope you like me :D


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Hello everyone, how have you all been doing?

Pachii here to talk once more, haha. I havent really spoken like this in a post in a good long while, but I thought that I should just update this because why not. Besides, things are somewhat different with my pixelwork nowadays, I thought it would be best to update folks.

So, whats happening with my pixelwork and in my life?

As I have online university classes to replace the usually in-person ones I would have done had it not been for Covid-19, I will have to spend more time on uni than I will drawing. Once I get a particular piece out, I am going to give myself a bit of a break. I have never really rested to be honest and I did not stop drawing, even over the holidays. Drawing is addictive to me but I should take care of my health too. I want to give a bit more love to my other ventures too, like my youtube channel. Speaking of that, I recently made a new video!

Feel free to check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4O3CTaWmNw

I want to create more youtube content and devote a bit more time to it. Will I do sketches? Possibly, but I just want to gain a bit of my passion back for drawing in general. It isnt like ive lost it fully, just that I feel a bit worn down is all. Constanly drawing, even if it is addicting, can be harmful to your health and I feel like ive overworked myself to be honest. Still, I enjoy what I make. So yeah, once this next piece for a friend comes out, im sitting down and placing my priorities elsewhere for a bit, letting my passion recouperate. Im not done with art, far from it, I just need a bit of time is all, to rest.

As for my life, 2020 sucked dick lol. It honestly did. I cut off many people who were toxic, many people that betrayed me, and many that were using me. Misery after misery it was and I still feel a bit haunted by it all. But im moving onward and while 2021 seems to have started in chaos, im happy to say that I am feeling optimistic about this year, and that I have hopes. I feel sad due to the pandemic and how it is not over yet, but....these things take time. Rome wasnt built in a day, and neither was this vaccine, or vaccines. I just want my life to return to normal, back when I did not feel like going out and about was a deathwish or some sort of hazard. Feeling so restricted did a number on my health and it hurts.

But things will get better from here, I am sure of it.

Well, thats about it really - gonna be busy with uni, life, my other ventures. Art will be on a short break of a month or two once i complete this next piece, but im looking forward to seeing how everything goes from here.

Thanks for hearing my silly british butt out folks, means a lot to me ^_^

Till we meet again,



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